About Humble Reviews

Everyone is busy

We all know this. Those who still make time before bed, during a commute or over lunch to read a good book are often too busy to wander up and down the stacks at their local library to find their next great read. Even those who suffer from BBA (Book-Buying Addiction) like I do hate to waste money on a book that turns out to be a dud.

Since being ejected (read: graduated) from the university system and flung out into the real world, I’ve been left without ambitious syllabi detailing the majority of my reading in four-month increments. This has given me a great opportunity to get back into reading for fun, but between navigating jobs and commutes, traveling as much as I do and still trying to maintain a decent social life, I’ve relied primarily on word-of-mouth for my reading list. With sisters, cousins and friends who love books as much as I do, it’s definitely the easiest way to navigate what’s out there.

My blog will attempt to give honest reviews in an articulate, non-spoiling fashion, to books that have been recommended to me or that I have picked up on my own volition.

About me

My name is Stephanie, I have a journalism degree and have loved books since I was able to read. I also love to write, and this blog is a combination of my two biggest passions. As I mentioned earlier, I suffer from a book buying addiction, so many of the books I choose to review will be books that have been building up in my own personal library over the years but have as of yet gone unread.

I like to read a wide variety of books, and many of the reviews you will see on this blog are books that have been recommended to me. If I’m browsing for a book for myself, I usually lean toward genres that are a little darker than average, or have supernatural elements. This being said, I also really enjoy historical fiction, classics, an occasional contemporary best seller and some educational nonfiction here and there.

What do you think?

If you agree or disagree about a book I’ve reviewed, please leave a comment! If you have a book you think I’d like after reading a review, please leave a comment! As I implied above, I love recommendations.

Even if you’ve got nothing to say, but are thinking about adding my blog to your feed, please introduce yourself!

That’s all for now. Gotta get on with the next book!


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